What Is a Fiber Optic Continuity Tester? Fiber Optic Know-how Tutorial, Sequence Two

What’s a fiber optic continuity tester?

Fiber continuity tester can be referred to as fiber optic continuity checker. It’s the easiest visible take a look at of a fiber optic cable hyperlink.

To operate correctly, a fiber optic cable hyperlink have to be “steady”, that means no breakage, both throughout the fiber cable or within the fiber connectors, ought to exist. The best and least costly approach to verify is to inject some visible light into one fiber finish and verify the light popping out from the opposite finish. led strip lights 50 ft B08BP3PTCL

To carry out this activity, two sorts of fiber testers can be found: a fiber optic continuity tester or a laser visible fault locater.

Variations between a fiber continuity tester and a laser visible fault locator

Crucial distinction is their light supply. A fiber continuity tester sometimes makes use of a crimson or inexperienced coloration excessive depth LED whereas a laser visible fault locator makes use of crimson coloration semiconductor laser.

Seen lasers produce a extra highly effective light and may present extra info to the technician than a LED light. By coupling the fiber hyperlink to a visual laser, issues with connectors, breaks within the fiber close to connectors or splices, and a few bend radius violations could be positioned.

Then again, LED powered fiber continuity tester can solely confirm that light can travel by means of the fiber hyperlink and no extra info is obtained. Fiber continuity tester merely yields a “no go” end result. If the light is not seen on the different finish of the fiber hyperlink, then the fiber is unusable in its current state and requires additional testing and repair.

Purposes of a fiber continuity tester

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