Getting ready for Menstruation: Menstrual Pads

Menstruation is the month-to-month discharge of blood from the vagina for Four-5 days all through the reproductive interval of a girl from menarche to menopause. This is named your month-to-month interval and is a serious signal of bodily maturity and changing into a girl.

Throughout your month-to-month interval, it can be crucial that you simply put on a menstrual pad, often known as a sanitary pad. A menstrual pad absorbs the blood stream and protects your garments from getting stained. Menstrual pads are constructed from absorbent fiber often wooden cellulose. As well as there could also be a plastic padding throughout the underside to assist cut back leaks. Selecting the best menstrual pad in your stream is necessary if you get your durations to stop leakages and keep away from public embarrassment menstrual underwear.

Sanitary napkins are usually made up of three layers: floor layer, absorbent layer and underlying layer. The selection of sanitary napkins must be primarily based on issues regarding the supplies and features of those three layers. Menstrual pads are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Tremendous-absorbent and common pads are meant for the times when your interval is heaviest. Extremely-thin pads are for use on days when the interval is light, or if you anticipate the start of your interval. Further-absorbent pads are made to final between Four and 6 hours, but when your stream may be very heavy, it might want changing sooner. The identical goes for pads which can be smaller and fewer absorbent. Sporting a menstrual pad is straightforward. Observe these three straightforward steps:

• Take away the pad from the packaging and discard the wrapper.

• Unfold the pad and take away the paper liner on the underside.

• Press the pad, adhesive-side down, into the seat of your underwear. Guarantee that it’s centered. In case your pad has “wings,” take away the paper backing on either side and press the adhesive strips to the underside of your underwear.

It’s best to verify in your pad each 2-Three hours to see if it wants changing. For hygiene functions and to keep away from rashes, it’s best to alter your pad as steadily as doable. Whenever you change your menstrual pad, keep in mind to get rid of it correctly. Wrap it within the plastic cowl that the pad seems in or in newspaper and throw it within the bin.

Whenever you first begin menstruating you’ll have an irregular menstrual sample. So, keep in mind to maintain a pad or two both in your locker at college or in your backpack, for emergencies, in case you get your interval unexpectedly. In case you do not have a pad with you, it may be bought from the closest pharmacy and most grocery shops. Menstrual pads (of any kind) shouldn’t be flushed down the bathroom, as they will trigger blockages.


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